Stock Pot--very simple today

 It's the end of the month, and I don't have much in the house, but I'm using what I do have:

Bones from pork loin chops and pork rib chops.
Carrot peels, celery ends, garlic hulls
Corn cobs
Zucchini ends
Pea Pods
A bit of leftover squash.
Cabbage ends.

Since I have some green things in there, I'm going to keep this on a really low and gentle bubble, and add them in half-way through to avoid smelly chemical reactions when the chlorophyll is released. 
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~~louise~~ said...

It sure is getting to be that time of year Jesse. I hesitate to say, I'm looking forward to autumn food and of course those stocked pots in the freezer will be more than welcome come winter.

Thanks for sharing...

Jesse said...

Hah! Yes...I know we have real tomatoes and all sorts of nice things in late summer, but I start to look forward to apples and squash too!

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