January 10th--Tea, Spices, and the East India Company

Tea is one of those ubiquitous flavors that can change the world while being completely taken for granted. It has both changed and promoted tradition, acted as a political linchpin, had a role in wars, been used as medicine, and has been both consumed and avoided for religious reasons. It has also been a sign of culture and refinement in almost every culture it has touched. Although Americans aren't as used to using tea in dishes as many Asian countries are, in recent years, black, white, and green tea have found their way out of the teacup and into recipes ranging from cheesecake to roast duck.

Today in the year 1839 brought the first Indian tea to England. Why is this important?

Home-made frozen dinners--Gyoza 101

There are a lot of foods that are easy to make a double batch of and freeze the other half for later. This can also be done with half a recipe, or in single servings if there are only one or two people at home--more incentive to cook without worrying it will go to waste!