In Search of The Wild Huckleberry

Image compliments of Eutopos Farm Website

I first noticed huckleberry syrups, jams, and treats during a trip to the Museum of Idaho shortly after we moved up here.  Hmm...looks good, but what's a huckleberry?  Like Huckleberry Finn?

Halloween has come early!

Yep...I's a couple of months still.  But it's one of my favorite holidays, so it's going up early.

Thanks to Scrappin' Blogs for providing such awesome backgrounds totally free! 
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5 Leftovers Not To Throw Away

This great list showed up on CNN's Food Blog, Eatocracy yesterday, in an interview with Chef Russell Moore.  I thought these were great examples of not only using everything, but eating cheaper and tastier!
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Trying to investigate my personal past

This will most likely be a slow journey, but one that I'd like to update on as I go.  Since reading A Thousand Years Over a Hot Stove, back in July, I've been spending a lot of time thinking about my own culinary heritage. 


If you haven't seen this site, it's pretty awesome. I believe that the original owner no longer runs it, having been overtaken by the Cheez Burger Blog Conglomerate, however, it's daily edible eye candy of the highest order.
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