Taking Stock of the Situation

Ok, no more bad puns from here on out, I promise...well, maybe a couple.

One of my more recent experiments has been making my own stock. Almost any good savory dish contains stock, since it adds so much more flavor then water, and so a good stock is like a baseline for a good dish.

An Introduction--Eat to Live or Live to Eat?

Greetings, friends and (perhaps, someday) readers.

I have been a huge fan of food for most of my life. All of us have early memories tied to food--mine are of my mother's maraschino cherry bars at family picnics, and my dad making pigs in blankets by taking vienna sausages, wrapping them in biscuit dough, and giving them a good post-bake dunk in catchup. It was wonderful...but probably not as healthy as one might like, but good, hearty food for a fairly typical 80's middle-class family with tiny children and a tinier budget. I still crave (and make) both occasionally, much to my husband's dismay.

...so how do I get from there to talking about food from scratch?