The Steampunk Kitchen

The ModVic Stove, via Steampunk Home
I am, again, very sorry for how slow the blog is...I've mentioned it elsewhere, but I've been having some rather intense health issues recently.  Fortunately, we are starting to get some answers, so from here on, it's just figure out what to do. 

The Alternative Living Expo in Philadelphia
I've been developing a rather large collection of links lately to people who decorate in a Steampunk style in their homes.  Kitchens, in particular, make for a very interesting look, so I wanted to just take a moment and share links today.

The Alternative Living Expo in Philadelphia was held last March (and according to Doctor Fantastiques Show of Wonders, will be held again in 2012, so stay tuned!).  This past year it included the ModVic’s Back Home to the Future Show, which originally debuted at the Piers Village and Antique Show in New York last Fall. ModVic started as a husband and wife team working to both restore and modernize their beautiful Victorian home in Massachusetts.  What started as a work of love for them has become a full-fledged business.  Look here for their website, and more pictures of their breath-taking home. 

The blog, The Steampunk Home is another excellent resource, constantly scouring the web for new ideas.

Spice Rack from

Another great resource seems to be the "industrial" movement, taking items that were part of industry, and turning them into household items.  It's important to avoid shiny silver items meant for industrial (as in professional hotel or restaurant) kitchens, though, as that is heading in the wrong direction. 
From HouseBeautiful on Cottage-Style Designs

Other, more standard keywords that can be helpful in finding Steampunk ideas are "Modern-" or "New Victorian", and English Colonial. 
From DigsDigs on Modern Victorian Style

From Barn Light Electric
Susie Steiner of The Guardian on "Vintage Utility"


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