This Morning's Stock Pot

Since I save bits and scraps for the stockpot all week long, sometimes remembering what is going in there is a bit of an adventure.  Today, for example, I have the frozen baggy sitting here next to me, trying to remember what in the world that purple-ish vegetable skin is, or the yellow seeds...

Bones from bone-in pork chops.  It would have been too messy to remove the bones first, so I saved them after the meals in question...they were frozen immediately, and then are getting boiled, so I figure that's fine. 
Steak trimmings
A few shrimp tails

The usual:  onion and garlic ends and skins, carrot tops, celery ends

Green pepper tops and seeds
Jalapeno tops
A few lemon halves
Eggplant tops and skin
The skin and seeds from two lovely(but huge!) yellow summer squash a friend shared with me
Zucchini tops
Lots of pea pods from some peas shared by a neighbor of my mother in law!

I love all the garden sharing that happens this time of year, don't you? 

As always, seafood bits or citrus get pulled earlier then other things, to avoid off-flavors.  The same might go for the pea pods, depending.
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~~louise~~ said...

I've been putting so many scraps in the compost bucket, my stock pot ingredients are dwindling.

I did manage to save a bit of stock from the coffee marinated pork roast I made on the grill the other night. It should prove interesting this fall...(I'm thinking some kind of apple something:)

Thanks for sharing, Jesse...

Jesse said...

Louise, have you considered putting the vegetable matter in the compost heap *from* the stock pot? I know you can't put bones, but all that vegetable matter is already partially broken would work very well!

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