Today's Stock Pot

Meat Stock for SouthWest food.

Meat:  Beef bones, chicken bones from thighs last week, one split pig foot (made menudo yesterday...story and pictures on Saturday).

Vegetable matter:  celery, onion and garlic peels, carrot tops (the usual)

Sweet potato ends
Thick stems from mustard greens
Woody asparagus stalks
Tomato stem-ends and seeds
The peels and ends from roasting some Anaheim peppers last week.
Cucumber ends
Mushroom stems
Chayote squash cores
Jicama peels

The way I make stock can be found here.
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Mary said...

Love the dandelion info too:)

Jesse said...

Aw...thanks Mary! :)

~~louise~~ said...

I'm a huge fan of "everything in the pot." As a matter of fact, I once considered naming one of my blogs, Stock Pot.

I love saving bits and pieces in the freezer for stock making day.

Thanks for sharing, Jesse...

Jesse said...

Exactly, louise!

It's so expensive to buy stock, and it's never very good...on the other hand, there are all sorts of odds and ends that we throw away--otherwise trash--that go towards a rich and delicious stock.

Plus, if you have a compost pile, all of that boiled vegetable matter breaks down very quickly.

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