Citrus Season!

So many new projects I've been trying over the past few weeks with all the fresh citrus getting shipped up from Florida and Southern California. 

The big winner so far?  The sweet, tangy, and pleasantly bitter Three Citrus Marmalade from the Blog, Food in Jars.  I've never made marmalade before, so the pictures were very helpful.  I was shocked by how easy it was.

As you can see, the oranges on the left look slightly...odd.  This is because the local store got in some rather beautiful blood oranges, which turned the end result a beautiful pink.  In retrospect, I would have used slightly less grapefruit, and let the blood oranges stand on their own, but the result was delightful.  Removing the pith was definitely the most time-consuming part of the process. 


Boiling the peels was easy enough.  It made the house smell delightful.  I was rather surprised that they all turned the same color, even the random lime I threw in.  It makes me wonder whether a lime (or key lime) marmalade would stay green, or just become non-descript?

Look at that color!  Seriously, I couldn't believe how pretty it was.  Using a candy thermometer, like the blog suggests, is a must. 

There you go...finished product!  Four that size...shared one, one in our fridge, and the last two are a bit of an experiment.  Since I lack bottling equipment (for the time being, knock on wood) one was stored the old-fashioned way, in a cool cupboard with a bit of waxed paper over the top, while the other went in the freezer. 

The color isn't quite as bright anymore, which makes me think only blood oranges will turn practically purple. 

I look forward to trying it out again, next year! 

Other citrus projects that would be perfect to do right now, all which deserve a post of their own:

Candied Citrus Peel
Citrus Curd (can be frozen, if defrosted slowly in the fridge)
Lemon Pickle, used in Middle Eastern cuisine (spicy Indian version here). 


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