Apologies and Sugar Plums

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The blog is slow right now, this is due to a combination of things, including slower internet at my new home.  

As soon as possible, the next installment of the Two Chicken Week will be up (it's already in the works).

In the meantime, with Yuletide on the way, I wanted to point readers in the direction of an old tradition that is gaining some new attention:  Sugarplums.

For most Americans, the only thing this word brings to mind is the Sugar Plum Fairy, from The Nutcracker Ballet, accompanied by her delicate, tinkling music.  Sugar plums have a longstanding tradition in the UK and parts of Europe, though, and are not, in fact, plums.  They are a confection of ground dried fruits and nuts, sometimes but not always including plums, and spices, sprinkled with sugar at the end and then dried.

A How-To using a recipe from Saveur Magazine. 

Alton Brown's Sugar Plums

A collection of other recipes.

A raw foods version from In The Raw


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