In Search of The Wild Huckleberry

Image compliments of Eutopos Farm Website

I first noticed huckleberry syrups, jams, and treats during a trip to the Museum of Idaho shortly after we moved up here.  Hmm...looks good, but what's a huckleberry?  Like Huckleberry Finn?
Apparently, there are several species of berries, ranging in color from blue to purple and red, that grow on short bushes and taste similar to blueberries.

And they're in season.  Right now.

Since they haven't been domesticated (and therefore still have lots of flavor, since it hasn't been bred out in favor of a large cell structure to protect during shipping), this means that good locations to find them are a jealously guarded secret.  Ads are popping up on my local Craigslist of sellers offering the bounty they procured "somewhere in Montana" or in a mysterious location in Northern Idaho, but even the internet, where a couple of hours or a tip from 4Chan can turn up someone's name, home address and phone number, employer and the occasional SS card number, locations to pick huckleberries are nowhere to be found. 

The closest I've been able to find are these hints from the International Wild Huckleberry Association.

If you decide to go berrying, go in the middle of the day to avoid bears!  The best of luck to you, but if I find a place, I'm not telling!

Update:  I was finally able to go huckleberrying, a year after this post.  


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