5 Leftovers Not To Throw Away

This great list showed up on CNN's Food Blog, Eatocracy yesterday, in an interview with Chef Russell Moore.  I thought these were great examples of not only using everything, but eating cheaper and tastier!

Five Cooking Leftovers Not to Throw Away: Russell Moore

1. Outer leaves
"Fennel tops, carrot tops, outer leaves of Brussels sprouts, chicories, lettuces and all types of herbs can be steamed and then sautéed with olive oil, black olives and cumin. Use them as a condiment for a cheese plate or sandwich."
2. Citrus Peels
"Candy the peels and serve as part of a dessert plate with chunks of chocolate or sesame candy, twirled as a cocktail accoutrement or chopped up as a garnish for sorbet. Pomelos, oranges, grapefruits, Meyer lemons and Lisbon lemons all work."
3. Fruit peel and cores
"Infuse brandy to make subtle cocktails, or to flavor ginger cake or chicken liver spread. Use the peels and cores of apples, quince and pears . Pour brandy over them [and soak] for several months – then cook, bake or drink it in cocktails."
4. Trimmed fat
"Use pork fat in sausage or lard for cooking (it’s free!). Duck skin has bits of meat still on it, so you can render the fat to make crispy, meaty snacks (like chicharrones). Also save the duck fat and use it for frying things, such as potatoes at brunch. We save chicken fat and fry potato cakes in it, or use it in chicken liver spread. Beef fat makes pastry dough extra flaky."
5. Bones
"Grill chicken on the bone, then reuse the bones to make chicken stock. Pork bones cooked with the meat to give rillettes extra flavor. Scoop the marrow out of beef bones for dumplings, then make stock out of the bones."
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