The Gallery of Regrettable Food

As much as I love the old and retro, all of us have some meals that we look back on with a mixture of amusement and downright horror. 
I remember eating a concoction of ground meat, catsup, mustard, and bread dough, rolled and cut like cinnamon rolls and then baked, which my father served with pride--his own invention.  He in turn told wild tales of the terror of 60's casseroles with soggy potato chips on top, and being forced to sit around a fondue pot for dinner.  My maternal grandfather would not eat fish, in any form, and refused to discuss why, while my grandmother would tell me I was lucky to live in a day when vegetables weren't all boiled into an army green sludge.

The Gallery of Regrettable Food shares some of those horrors, gleaned from old cookbooks from the 30's through 70's.  While humorous in tone, it does also make one think about how, exactly, the American pallet has been shaped and molded by brand marketing, for much longer then we normally realize. 

What other disasters have been foisted off on us as fast, easy, and above all, healthy? 

Of course it's's triple creamed!

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